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An Understated Dominance Chapter 1964 by Marina Vittori

Dealing with one silver vine was already challenging. However, what caught everyone off guard was the sudden appearance of a dozen equally strong ones.

The burly man, momentarily caught off guard, found himself impaled by the silver vines. In an instant, his body became a gruesome canvas of blood and wounds.

“What-” He couldn’t believe his eyes.

He thought he had faced the vine’s deadliest move, only to discover it was just a setup for an even more ominous threat. The monstrous entity’s origin and unmatched strength puzzled him.

Dozens of silver vines, like tentacles, lifted the burly man into the air. The silver vines ruthlessly tore his body apart with a resounding crack.

Blood sprayed and mingled with the dismembered pieces. Unlike the previous vine that drained blood, these silver vines seemed to assert dominance.

“No!” Jackson roared at the gruesome scene before him. Unhinged by the sight, he wasted no time and charged forward with his sword drawn.

“Die!” With relentless swings, he unleashed a fierce white blade aura, creating a storm that swept toward the silver vines.

The clash of metal echoed as he intensified his attacks, forcing the dozen of silver vines to retreat. Jackson’s cultivation, swordsmanship, and weaponry prowess surpassed those of the dismembered burly man.

Each of Jackson’s strikes held powerful energy, causing the silver vines to reveal vulnerabilities under his relentless assault.

“Jackson, we’re here to help!” shouted one of the disciples of the Embersteel Order as they rushed to support him without hesitation. With their elite training and practiced teamwork, they could alleviate his pressure.

Jackson shouted, “Bastard! I’ll uproot you!”

His comrades joined in, boosting the ferocity of his attacks. With their support, he no longer had to worry about defending himself.

Hence, it allowed him to unleash relentless strikes with full confidence in his comrades covering his back.

Jackson focused on precise blade techniques, repeatedly targeting the same vulnerable spots. While less efficient, this approach proved effective. Applying his full force, he gained the upper hand, severing each silver vine.

After a few minutes, he managed to cut down all the silver vines. The severed pieces bounced on the ground, displaying an unyielding spirit despite being severed.

Jackson gasped heavily, sweat dripping from his entire body. The silver vines proved exceptionally tough, demanding his full strength for each strike.

In a short time, he had depleted a significant amount of his energy. Despite that, he successfully dealt with all the silver vines. However, he realized he couldn’t handle another dozen if they were to reappear.

One of the Embersteel Order’s concerned disciples asked, “Jackson, are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” Jackson said, shaking his head. He quickly commanded, “Burn all these vines now. We can’t risk any unexpected attacks!”

“Got it!” Several disciples promptly went to get kerosene.

Their despair took hold as the ground rumbled softly. Countless gray vines burst forth, multiplying rapidly and shooting skyward.

As the gray vines emerged, they swiftly enveloped the entire camp, creating a massive cage that seemed to encase everyone like a mouse.

The ground trembled again, and from below, numerous silver vines erupted, easily numbering a few hundred at first glance.

“W-What?” Jackson stood there, horror etched across his face as he processed the scene.

Severing a dozen vines had already taken a toll on his energy. Now, confronted with hundreds of silver and thousands of gray vines, he wondered how he could attack or protect himself.

The shock wasn’t limited to Jackson alone. Every member of the Embersteel Order, each member of the Black Scorpion Squad, and even the envoy teams led by Grace were petrified by the unfolding nightmare.

The sheer number of vines was beyond belief for all of them. Having witnessed the Embersteel Order disciples in action before, they understood the threat posed by these vines.

The gray vines, though delicate, could swiftly penetrate the body with just one wrong move. On the other hand, the silver vines were more formidable, boasting increased speed, attack strength, and resistance to swords.

Dealing with gray vines demanded utmost care, and confronting silver vines was even more hazardous. This was especially challenging when the vines were in limited numbers.

However, the situation had changed. Now, they were faced with an unimaginable multitude of vines sprawling across the sky and ground.

As soon as the attack started, it became clear that their fate was sealed. Death was inevitable, and the only variable was the speed at which it would happen.

“What’s going on? Why are there so many vines?”

“This place isn’t an oasis. It’s a living nightmare!”

Everyone felt hopeless confronting a sea of vines. Each one looked like a lethal threat, poised to craft the fabric of their downfall.

“Calm down, everyone! Get your forces together, and get ready to break out!” Grace attempted to reassure the group, but her words were cut short by a loud boom.

A golden vine sprouted from the ground, stretching over 300 feet high and towering into the sky. With a thickness akin to that of a water barrel, it resembled a giant python.

It emitted an intimidating spiritual energy, and its strength surpassed that of the silver vines by more than a hundredfold.

Upon emergence, the golden vine arrogantly surveyed everyone. It exuded an air of dominance, like a king observing his subjects.

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An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: English
An Understated Dominance is a Urban/Realistic novel for men, telling a story of Dahlia Nicholson and Dustin Rhys had been married for three years.
“An Understated Dominance” delves into themes of ambition, power, and the price of success. The novel explores the complexities of relationships …
Marina Vittori is the author of An Understated Dominance Novel. This novel is in Urban/Realistic genre, has been read by many people, and has a pretty good …

Summary An Understated Dominance by Marina Vittori

Dahlia Nicholson and Dustin Rhys had been married for three years. After Dahlia’s meteoric rise to success, she abandons the useless dead weight that’s Dustin, proposing divorce. Unbeknownst to her, everything she had ever achieved was only because of him.

Chapter 1 “Dustin, here is the divorce agreement prepared by Ms. Nicholson. All you need to do is sign them.” In the president’s office of the Quine Group, the secretary, Lyra Blaine, placed a piece of A4 paper on the table. A man sat opposite her, dressed in plain clothing. “Divorce? What do you mean?” Dustin Rhys was taken aback. “Do you not understand what I’m saying? Your marriage with Ms. Nicholson is over. You’re not even on the same level anymore. Your existence is nothing but a smear on the president’s reputation!” Lyra pulled no punches as she spoke. “A smear on her reputation?” Dustin frowned. “Is that how she thinks of me?” Back when they first got married, the Nicholson family was in ruinous debt. He was the one who helped them when they were at their lowest point. Now that they were rich, Dahlia Nicholson was ready to just kick him out. “Something like that.” Lyra jerked her chin toward the magazine on the table. A photo of a beautiful woman was printed on the front page. “Look at the headline on this magazine, Dustin. Ms. Nicholson’s net worth has hit one billion in the course of just three years, a feat no short of a miracle. She’s now the most desired woman in Swinton! With all this, she’s destined for greatness. But you, you’re just a regular joe. You don’t deserve her at all. I hope that you’ll see some sense and do the right thing.” When Dustin remained silent, Lyra frowned. “I know you’re not happy with this, but this is reality,” she continued. “You might have helped Ms. Nicholson when she was in trouble, but she has repaid you for everything you’ve done for her over the last three years. In fact, you’re the one who owes her now!” “Is our marriage just a business deal to her, then?” Dustin took a deep breath to suppress the emotions within. “If she wants to divorce me, let her speak to me herself.” “Ms. Nicholson is very busy. She doesn’t need to trouble herself with such trifling matters.” “Trifling matters?” Dustin was stunned. Then he laughed bitterly. “Is that so? Is divorce a trifling matter to her? She can’t even find the time to speak to me. Truly, she’s that unattainable now!” “Dustin, don’t delay this any longer.” Lyra pushed the divorce agreement toward him again. “Just sign here and you’ll get a car and a house as compensation. On top of that, you’ll also get eight million dollars. This is more than what you’ll be able to earn in your lifetime!” “Eight million dollars is a lot, but…I don’t need it. I will sign the divorce papers if she comes personally. Otherwise, I won’t sign anything,” Duston said coldly. “Don’t go too far, Dustin!” Lyra slammed her hand on the table. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you. With all her power and resources, Ms. Nicholson can divorce you easily. It’s only because she appreciates her past relationship with you that she’s allowing you to keep your dignity intact. Don’t provoke her!” “My dignity?” Dustin was a little amused by that. She didn’t even want to speak to him directly to divorce him. What kind of dignity was that? Moreover, if she really did appreciate their relationship, then why was she threatening him now?


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