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All Her Secrets Chapter 477 by Chestnut

Chapter 477 The Exam

Catherine was heading to the exam room in Casier. Looking ahead at the crowded scene, Catherine impatiently spoke up in a cold voice, “Drop me off up front.”

There was no choice. The place was packed with the parents of exam- takers. Many families had mobilized for this event.

The once spacious road had now become unbearably congested. Hearing Catherine’s words, the driver was sweating profusely. But he didn’t dare to make any decisions.

Seeing the severe traffic jam up ahead, Branden simply pushed the car door open.

With the blazing sun outside, he reached for the umbrella by the car door and propped it up to shield himself from the scorching rays.

Paxton approached and intended to take the umbrella, but Branden avoided his hand. Branden circled to Catherine’s side, opened the car door, and led her out.

As they stepped out, the big umbrella cast a shadow over Catherine and shielded her from the sun completely.

“Let’s go,” Branden said.

He held Catherine’s hand and led her toward the exam room. The parking spot wasn’t too far from the exam room, just 100 yards away.

The entrance of the exam room was swarmed with people. Branden, who usually avoided crowds, showed no signs of dissatisfaction.

He stood behind Catherine and blocked the harsh sun with his tall figure.

At the school gate, there were also TV reporters covering the event. With Branden escorting Catherine, the two of them immediately caught the attention of many people. The reporters were quick to notice this attractive couple.

One of them couldn’t help but exclaim, “Wow. This guy is so handsome! He doesn’t look like a student here to take the exam. And the girl he’s with is so gorgeous, like a princess. Is he her brother, here to see her off?”

The more experienced cameraman behind the reporter rolled his eyes and teased the new intern for her lack of insight.

“Didn’t you look at their hands? How can they be siblings when they’re holding hands like that?”

Upon closer inspection, the reporter realized what the cameraman said was right. The two people’s intertwined fingers made them look like a loving couple.

The reporter was truly captivated by their looks. With a few minutes left before the entrance time, she decided to approach them for an interview.

As she prepared to approach, the cameraman immediately stopped her.

The puzzled reporter turned to him and wondered why he was holding her back.

“Sir, why aren’t we going to interview them?”

“Take a closer look at the logo of their umbrella. Not everyone can be interviewed,” the cameraman explained.

Branden had a powerful and authoritative presence. From the aura emanating from Branden, the cameraman understood that Branden was not ordinary.

Moreover, the umbrella he held, with such a prominent logo, was a symbol of wealth. After being reminded, the reporter finally noticed the umbrella that Branden was holding.

She had read about these umbrellas built into car doors, and they started at a price of at least one hundred thousand dollars.

This umbrella Branden had looked even more high-end than what she had seen in those informative posts. The price must have been on the higher side. Its price must easily match that of a mid- range to high-end car.

Upon this realization, the reporter quickly abandoned her plan to interview and expressed her gratitude to the cameraman.

Branden noticed the nearby camera crew, but he didn’t pay them much attention. As long as they didn’t disturb Catherine’s exam preparations, he was fine.

The bell rang, and the exam room’s door opened. Catherine didn’t rush in. She waited for most of the people to enter before giving Branden a subtle nod. Then, she walked confidently toward the exam room.

Her expression was relaxed and composed, and she showed no signs of nervousness.

Watching that, Paxton couldn’t help but compliment her. He said, “Miss Catherine’s calm demeanor is truly admirable. After all, this is such a significant exam, and she doesn’t seem nervous at all.”

Branden stared at Catherine as she walked away. She gradually disappeared from his sight.

Then he replied earnestly, “She is like me.”

Paxton had initially wanted to lighten the atmosphere by praising Catherine, but he never expected Branden to respond.

It was truly surprising.

Catherine found her exam room, and coincidentally, Liana also walked in. It was quite a coincidence that they were assigned to the same exam room.

As soon as Liana saw Catherine, her first reaction was to glance at Catherine’s arm. When Liana noticed the bandage on Catherine’s right hand, a smug smile appeared on her face.

It was evident that Catherine had suffered a significant injury, and she could hardly pass this important exam.

Liana coldly snorted with arrogance and left.

Catherine had no interest in engaging with her. If she wanted to put on a show, Catherine was content to let her do so alone.

Only half an hour into the exam, a student suddenly raised a hand to turn in the paper.

This student was Catherine. The exam proctor came over to her and asked repeatedly, “Are you sure you want to submit your paper?”

Catherine placed her paper in the proctor’s hands. She picked up her belongings and left without a word.

The proctor watched Catherine walk away with an embarrassed expression and then shook her head.

Some students couldn’t be persuaded, and this time, she didn’t bother trying.

Catherine submitted her paper so early, which caused quite a commotion.

Liana naturally noticed it, and the mockery in her eyes intensified.

She thought inwardly, “Catherine’s hand is injured.

“What is the point of just sitting there? She might as well turn in the paper.”

This time, Liana was brimming with confidence. She believed she would ultimately outperform Catherine.

Two days of exams passed in the blink of an eye, and the major exam was finally over. To reward Catherine, Branden specially arranged a trip for Catherine to relax for a few days.

He had all the prepared documents ready to present to Catherine, but Catherine promptly refused for a simple reason.

The reason she provided was just one word.


Catherine didn’t want to do anything. She just wished to lay at home and play games. Seeing her in this state, Branden had no choice but to let her be. He put away the travel plans and materials and let Catherine relax at home.

He tried to finish any work that could be done from home and free up as much time as possible to be with Catherine.

In the afternoon, Branden had to attend a meeting at the company. Catherine was bored. She played games on her phone.

As soon as one game ended, a call from Withal came in. Catherine casually answered the call, put it on speakerphone, and tossed it aside. She was so lazy that she didn’t even want to hold the phone in her hand.

“Catherine, I heard you just finished your exams and have some free time.”

Withal’s voice was filled with excitement.

Catherine didn’t need to guess. She knew it was Ronin who told him. Ronin was probably about to broadcast it to everyone with a megaphone.

Catherine lazily responded with her sultry voice. “Spit it out.”

Even though Catherine’s mood seemed relatively good, Withal didn’t dare to be disrespectful in front of her. He quickly got to the point.

“Catherine, the king of Ravenloth sent us a letter of request and asked you to visit Ravenloth.”

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All Her Secrets by Chestnut

All Her Secrets by Chestnut

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: English

Catherine Swann, a simple countryside girl, was having a leisurely and carefree life in the countryside. She thought she could have a happy life there for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, life had other plans for her. Her grandfather left a will for her, making her the inheritor of the Swanns’ billion-dollar fortune. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, he also arranged a marriage for her.

Branden Duncan, the only heir of the wealthiest family in Casier, was the dream prince charming of almost all the women in Casier. But Catherine turned him down in public. Instead of being angry about it, he was attracted by Catherine's cold eyes.Although Catherine seemed to be a girl with a simple life in the countryside, she was not simple. What kind of identity did she have? How would she deal with her unexpected fiancé and the opposition from the rest of the Swanns to her inheritance of the Swanns’ fortune?

Chapter 1 Return of the Jinx At Vicente Swann's funeral. As the Swanns were one of the three prominent families in Casier, Vicente's funeral was naturally packed with big shots and members of respected families in Casier. In the noisy venue, the arrival of a girl in a white T-shirt attracted the attention of everyone present. All of the people present were either rich or powerful. Despite being good-looking, the girl wore a cheap and battered T-shirt, setting her apart from everyone else at the funeral. Seeing how she walked straight toward the Swanns family, someone couldn't help asking curiously, "Who is she? Why is she sitting with the Swanns?" "I heard that she is Miss Catherine, the second daughter of the Swanns that had lived away from the family. Vicente only asked her to come back before he died." "Is that so? I heard that Vicente ordered the family to announce his will in front of everyone before he died. I guess she only returned for this!" ... The girl did not know that she had already become the topic of the guests' discussions. She looked calmly ahead with an indifferent expression on her face. Her eyes remained focused on Vicente's portrait in the middle of the venue. Nobody knew what she was thinking about at the time. At the sight of Catherine Swann like this, Liana Swann, the youngest and favorite daughter of the Swanns, couldn't help complaining to her mother, who was sitting next to her. "Mom, what is going on with this country girl? Grandpa has died. Even if she isn't sad, she should at least pretend to cry. What would the others think if the media took a photo of her like this later? She wouldn't even change her clothes when we asked her to. People that don't know better would think that the Swanns have mistreated her!" After hearing her youngest daughter's complaints, Rachael Swann furrowed her brows too. She thought that her youngest daughter did have a point. She never loved Catherine, her daughter from the countryside, dearly. In fact, Catherine pissed Rachael off just one day after she had returned. However, it was not the right time for Rachael to handle Catherine now. She planned to wait until the funeral was over before sending Catherine back to the countryside so that Catherine wouldn't continue to embarrass the Swanns here. Looking up, Rachael saw that her husband had arrived. She comforted her youngest daughter in a low voice, "Liana, be good. Your father is here. Bear with Catherine for now. We need to deal with what is important first!" Liana couldn't show her annoyance towards Catherine in public, so she could only choke back the complaints on the tip of her tongue. Nobody noticed that Catherine, who had been looking straight ahead, smiled lightly. The Swanns never spent time with Catherine, so they wouldn't know she had exceptional hearing. Even though Rachael and Liana spoke in a low voice, Catherine clearly heard every word of their exchange. Her mother truly did not love her! As Catherine stared at Vicente's portrait, her eyes flashed with a faint trace of sadness. Did she have to cry because of pain? ... Korbin Swann walked up the stage slowly. He gave a long speech first and expressed his views about how great Vicente was before finally announcing that the family would publicly announce Vicente's will. As many people knew this beforehand, the crowd was not too surprised. Vicente had a son and daughter. It was a no-brainer who would inherit the fortune of the Swanns. However, nobody understood why Vicente would make sure to make such a fuss to announce his will publicly. Was it just for formality? The lawyer Vicente trusted the most when he was still alive opened the sealed will and read it out loud. "After careful consideration, I, Vicente Swann, leave all my shares of the Swann Corporation, real estate properties, and a 500 million-dollar deposit at the Bank of Nospines to my granddaughter, Catherine Swann..." At the lawyer's words, the crowd gasped in shock. Not even the Swanns, everyone present was dumbfounded. Catherine Swann? Wasn't she the second daughter of the Swanns, the jinx that Vicente sent off to be raised in the countryside when she was young? How could it be? She would inherit the fortune of the Swanns. With their jaws dropped, everyone shared a similar look of horror. Except for Catherine, the center of the discussion. She still looked indifferent, as though nothing had happened. Her eyes were still fixed on Vicente's portrait in the center of the hall. Her lips parted slightly as she spoke in an almost inaudible voice. "Old man, what were you thinking?"


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